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Principal's Message

Welcome to Central Elementary School

We believe that all students learn in a multitude of ways and through a variety of experiences.  Our teachers and support staff are critical partners in this education.  We also rely upon local community members in many different ways and are thankful for their generous support through the years.

How can you learn more about CES?:

To learn more about the curriculum at CES, please visit the curriculum website HERE to learn more about the CES curriculum.

Stay informed of school happenings and events through our school newsletters, Facebook posts, and website updates and provide the Administrative Assistant with all current contact information so we can stay in touch!

We are always seeking volunteers and mentors to assist our school.  We welcome new ideas and feedback on what is going well and areas for improvement to make CES the best school for your student as possible!

We look forward to hearing from you regarding your questions, concerns, and ideas.


Kerry S. Kennedy, CES Principal