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It is the responsibility of our school to educate our children – the citizens of tomorrow- according to fundamental democratic principles.

We make the child the center of our educational process.  We strive to help each child develop his or her greatest potential.  Our school provides a learning environment that meets the individual needs of the whole child; physical, emotional, social, and intellectual.  We create an atmosphere in which the child is encouraged to grow, to explore, to create, to learn, to exchange ideas, to question, to think critically, to develop self-esteem and self-direction, and to succeed.


Believing this, we set these goals for ourselves;
A. To provide a climate conducive to learning in which all children receive an appropriate education.

B. To provide a curriculum that fulfills federal, state, and local educational requirements; to offer extracurricular and other activities that broaden opportunities for all children, enrich their lives, and further their well-being.

C. To assure that all children have an equal opportunity to learn.

D. To seek for each student a significant measure of success in school programs and activities.

E. To encourage each student to exercise self-control and self-discipline, and to value his or her own worth.

F. To help students understand and appreciate the differences that make people individuals; learn to cooperate with others, and respect the individuality of every person.

G. To foster in each student a love of learning and a desire for excellence; to encourage the mastery of skills necessary for physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth.

H. To promote studies and activities which lead all children to appreciate the beauty and wonders of our world; and in particular, to understand the advantages and responsibilities we enjoy as citizens of our own country.

I. To strive for optimal communication and understanding between the school, the parents, and the community at large.

Student Pledge

Today, my best is what I'll do by working together and being respectful, too.

I will learn and seek success.

I'm a kind, joyful student of Central Elementary School!